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Yes, I know. You know. We ALL know.

Backing up your computer is critical.

Yet how many of us do it on a regular basis? And in an efficient and effective way that makes our backups useful?

Not all of us. Maybe not most of us!
Just the other day (yes, in October, 2008), a friend emailed me that he had just lost all of his data due to a computer crash. The dreaded blue screen of death.

No, he is not a newbie. He is a successful internet marketer whose whole business lives on his computer and his website. He knows the importance of backing up his computer. But he was busy...

Has this happened to you?
You boot up your loyal computer. A few minutes later you come back to get to work, and instead of your desktop and the familiar icons, you have a blue screen with a warning that your computer has experienced a fatal error. 

You hold your breath and reboot. You try the restore option. You maybe shake the computer and try again.

If you have been there, you know the sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. If you haven't been there... yet... you will. It's inevitable if you use a computer.


You came here to find your solution. You are taking action. Yes!

This simple little program can help you to automate your backups in a way that your files are readily accessible to you.

Download SyncBack from 2BriteSparks from this link:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to SyncBack Freeware, select your language, and it will open a download link. Save this to your computer, then install.

There are video and pdf tutorials on setting up your new software on this page:


Want even greater functionality? Click the 'Buy It Now' link below for a free trial or immediate purchase of SyncBackSE V5.2.1.0. 

Buy SyncBackSE V5.2.1.0


OK. Now Do Your Action Steps.
  1. Download the software, install it.
  2. Watch a quick video and set it up.
  3. Create your initial backup (this will take a while for the first one, as it will back up or sync.) 
  4. Either set up a scheduled backup or put a regular backup schedule reminder on your calendar.
Now you can relax, and pat yourself on the back. While everyone knows you need to do regular backups...few do. You are now one of those few!

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